Beers Gears and Engineers, first annual Dinner and Dance...


The Imperial, Exeter was host to the first ever annual Dinner and Dance of the B G & E cycle club on Monday the 19th January 2009.

The event was arranged by the committee to host the club awards for 2008. Dinner was enjoyed at the event with some light liquid refreshment to help the evening along. 

Interesting speeches started after debating whether or not to wait for Mr Coleman (probably having a good excuse for his lateness). The speeches started without him, paying tribute to the late Colin Hooker who's passing was the inspiration for the founding of B G & E CC.

The awards are as follows:-

Awards 2008  

The HOOKER 100 Trophy - 2008 - Paul Davey  

The Mamhead Challenge - 2008 - Ian Pang - New Club Record 9 minutes 28 seconds  

The TT 'Bullet' - 2008 - Richard Bartlett - New Club Record 28 minutes 50 seconds  

Clubman of the Year - 2008 - Paul Westacott - for tireless support to the club and riders in all events  

Exmoor Beast Jersey - 2008 - Roger Saunders - for overcoming 'hell and high-water' to complete the Beast  

The Lantern Van Rouge - 2008 - Rob Coleman - for 'range and creativeness' of excuses offered for non attendance at club events   

The Wipe-Out Award - 2008 - Sue Simcox - for a full over-bar dismount from muddy puddle on Holden                                                             trail - film available from Ken Hill - Trailing Edges

Chairman Nominations List:  

Clubman of the year

 Paul Westacott....... for all the support   Hooker 100k - Force ride and Mamhead Challenge

Kev Jamieson ....For organising Events Sunday rides .....TT's and The Mamhead Challenge ... general support on rides ,and taking part in most events.

Nick Evans ...For starting and overseeing the whole thing ...for 2 years .Making sure we get pro cycling shirts ....organising hooker 100k ..tirelessly campaigning for bike scheme and now championing the affiliation with British cycling for Insurance of members

Ken Hill ...Chairman of the T/E's ...Organising T/E events ...creating posters ...supporting the BG&E's .....even providing support and FREE Cups of tea .

Exmoor beast jersey

Rich Bartlett...First BG&E'er an incredable time ...He even did Dunkerry beacon twice ..cause it wasn't Ard enough !!

Roger Saunders ....And His horrendous tale....... Lack of training because of holiday just before ..then came back Lost both his cars his House the family rabbit floods not to be deterred he washed off his and Stuarts bike that were submerged in his shed He borrowed a car from a friend to the event ...borrowed some clothing from the lads ..Then he .punctured 5 miles in ..found out he didn't have quick release wheels  ..lost the rest of the group ..managed carry on ... then  helped a lady in distress ..who was crying by the side of the road ...only for her to burn him off up the hill ..When him and Stuart managed to complete the beast ...they  didn't have enough time to enjoy there free beer ..because he had to arrange accommodation for his homeless family...then he got caught in a traffic jam ...and was eventually overtaken by the Boys that'd stayed on empty the beer barrels of the  Exmoor beast ale.

lantern vin rouge Rob Coleman...for not turning up for a blind date ...need I say more ?

Wipe-out award Sue Simcox --Over the handlebars @Holden forest

Stu Saunders -- repeatedly falling off after being under the influence of the vin rouge in France.

Dougie White ---Down the drain in countess wear.

Martin Green ---Dawlish warren ride ..bruised pride. numerous SPD moments.